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Backyard Drainage Brisbane

Landscape Drainage Experts In Brisbane

Are you experiencing a soggy or wet patch ruining the beauty and usability of your garden or backyard?

Do you find your garden is getting immersed in water each time it rains? This is a sign that you require experienced professionals in drainage to fix your drainage issues in your backyard. Insufficient drainage can lead to a variety of issues, such as weeds growing and soggy lawns.

Channel drains, trench drains, and French drains are just a few of the more common backyard drainage options to solve this common problem.

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Common backyard drainage issues in Brisbane

A yard that floods can result in some serious as well as minor structural damage. The first indications of poor drainage are:

  • The top layer of soil is eroding

  • Water pooling in your gutters and downpipes

  • The water doesn't absorb into the soil, which causes the ground and soil to flow across the lawn and can end up in the drains getting clogged

  • Insufficient drainage could damage your retaining walls as well as the structural foundations of your home

What can we do to resolve your drainage issues for your backyard?

Our drainage plumbers are able to install an effective and thorough drainage system into your Brisbane backyard.

For instance, if you're having trouble with the yard excessively soaking, a French drain is able to transfer the extra surface water to direct it underground. If your driveway is flooded by water, the trench drain may well be the best fit. We offer a variety of drainage solutions for sub-surface and surface drainage solutions that include:

  • French Drain or Subsurface Drain

  • Trench Drains or Surface Drain

  • Wells for soaking

  • Stormwater Pits and Drains

  • Swale Drains

  • Spoon drains

  • Drains for agriculture

An unclogged pipe

Your Reliable Backyard Drainage Specialists In Brisbane

For all your drainage problems in your backyard, rely on the drainage experts with Charlie’s Plumbing and Gas Solutions. Contact us on 0410 659 041 or fill out our form online to request one of our staff to attend to the drainage in your backyard.

What Our Clients Say

“Charlie was great, very sociable and professional and knows exactly what to do. Also found he was very reasonably priced. Highly recommend!”

Blair M

“Amazing!! Always on time. No job he and his team can’t do.  Fantastic prices. Highly recommend Charlie and his company.”

Deirdree W

“Absolutely outstanding service. Charlie is very knowledgeable and will get what other plumbers can maybey do at a reasonable price. 10/10.”

Sean M

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