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Leak Detection Brisbane

Brisbane Leak Detection Services

Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions provide plumbing leak detection services to all Brisbane home owners and commercial properties. We work with a specialist as well as state of the art technology to locate the precise location of your leak and then determine the best method to repair & fix the problem.

Our team are based in Mitchelton and provide leak detection services to all Brisbane suburbs – for more information or to request a quote, please get in touch on 0410 659 041.

Leak detection system

How Do I Know if I have Leak?

There are a few different signs that you might notice in your home that point to a leaking pipe. These include:

  • Wall stains or damage

  • Ceiling stains

  • Peeling wallpaper

  • A musty or ‘damp’ smell

  • Flooring problems such as spongy or weak feeling, or tiles starting to shift under foot

If you are still uncertain whether you have a leak, another good indicator is to check your water meter – turn all your water appliances and faucets off and take a reading. Wait 1-2 hours (ensuring you don’t use any water during this time) and then take another reading.

Leak Detection Specialist:

Leak detection is a specialist plumbing field as it requires specific equipment and knowledge to be able to determine the location and cause of the leak.

The area of your property where water is pooling or damage has been caused is not always the location of the leak, as water travels. Our specialist will not only be able to determine the location of the leak, but they will also be able to indicate the underlying cause of the leak, which enables us to provide a permanent solution for the problem. We will repair the pipe or drain that is damaged as well as the problem that has caused the leak.

What Our Clients Say

“Charlie was great, very sociable and professional and knows exactly what to do. Also found he was very reasonably priced. Highly recommend!”

Blair M

“Amazing!! Always on time. No job he and his team can’t do.  Fantastic prices. Highly recommend Charlie and his company.”

Deirdree W

“Absolutely outstanding service. Charlie is very knowledgeable and will get what other plumbers can maybey do at a reasonable price. 10/10.”

Sean M

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