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Rainwater & Water Tank Installation Brisbane

Brisbane Rainwater Tank Installation & Repairs

Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions are the Brisbane rainwater tank installation and repair professionals, working on tanks of all shapes and sizes.

We design, install and repair rainwater tank solutions tailored to your needs. As experienced plumbers with extensive experience in tank installation and repairs, we’re equipped with the knowledge to quickly diagnose existing faults and design a new tank solution that suits your needs perfectly.

Rainwater tank services we perform include:

  • Tank installation

  • Tank maintenance

  • Pump replacement & repairs

  • Filter replacement

  • Filtration installation

Get in touch with the team at Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions to discuss our full range of rainwater tank installation and repair services or to request a quote – call 0410 659 041.

Tank Installation

We’re equipped to install rainwater tanks of all shapes and sizes, be they made of polyethylene or steel. We’ll establish the best place to install your rainwater tank based on your personal preferences, guttering system and surrounding environment to maximise the durability and effectiveness of your system. Give us a call on 0410 659 041 for professional advice or a quote from our plumbing team.

We’ve repaired and installed countless rainwater tanks for homes and businesses in Brisbane over the years. If you’re unsure what kind of rainwater tank would best suit your budget and application, we’re more than happy to point you in the right direction. We’ll explain the advantages and drawbacks of different tank sizes, types and filtration systems to ensure you are investing in the best option to suit your circumstances.

Replacing Rainwater Tank Pumps

The pumps on rainwater tanks are prone to failing without warning when they are not properly maintained. The usual cause is a solenoid failure, where your pump fails to switch to the mains or tank water. If the pump hasn’t switched to the tank water, you may find that your water bills have started to increase. Similarly, if the pump hasn’t switched to mains, you may have already experienced the inconvenience of having no water.

If either scenario has happened to you, give us a call on 0410 659 041 and we’ll organise a professional plumber to repair your tank pump. While we’re there, we’ll perform an inspection of the other parts of your rainwater tank and ensure that they’re in good condition.

Filtration Systems

Filtration systems allow for your non-potable rainwater tank to be used internally, rather than just for use around your garden or pool. If you’ve ever noticed your clothes to be dirty after coming out of the wash, chances are that your rainwater tank either doesn’t have a filtration system, or the filters haven’t been replaced for a very long time. Make an appointment for us replace your filter and we’ll assess the rest of your filtration system while we’re there to ensure your tank is still producing healthy water.

Rainwater Tanks

Get in touch with Charlies Plumbing and Gas Solutions to discuss our full range rainwater tank installation and repair services. Call 0410 659 041.

What Our Clients Say

“Charlie was great, very sociable and professional and knows exactly what to do. Also found he was very reasonably priced. Highly recommend!”

Blair M

“Amazing!! Always on time. No job he and his team can’t do.  Fantastic prices. Highly recommend Charlie and his company.”

Deirdree W

“Absolutely outstanding service. Charlie is very knowledgeable and will get what other plumbers can maybey do at a reasonable price. 10/10.”

Sean M

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